• Mentors

  • Jonas Klevhag - Teknopol
  • Marianne Larsson - Teknopol
  • Anders Dellson - Teknopol
  • Margareta W - Teknopol
  • Alex Farcet - StartUpBootCamp
  • Peter Cederblad - Kpmg
  • Thomas Torounidis - Awapatent
  • Christian Lindhé - Vinge
  • Henrik Schnell - Vinge
  • Tom Magnusson - Imperiet
  • Fredrik Jansson - Ågerups Säteri AB
  • Nina Jansdotter
  • Henrik Hedlund - Optiteam
  • Mattias Ask - Jayway
  • Sigurdur Birgisson - Jayway
  • Darius Katz - Jayway
  • Steve Jennings - Jayway
  • David Pettersson - Jayway
  • Michael Wiegert
  • And more..

    Teams and startups

    Here’s a list of all the teams. For more information we have recorded all the presentations (Bambuser). Thanks a lot to all the sponsors who have helped the teams throughout the weekend! Please ping Martin if your name is not on the list but should be or the other way around.

    Helps those who are no good with cooking by gathering videos showing how to do certain dishes. You can search for recipes or ingredients to get ideas about what to make.

    Team members:
    Troy Jensen
    Michael Hoy (organizer)
    Stefan Halley
    Shih-Hua Hsiao
    Christian Klemetsson
    Morgan Hallgren
    Kevin Ohashi (organizer)
    Kathryn Loder

    Local mentor helps immigrants who have just arrived. Be part of a community before you arrive to a new country.

    Team members:
    Magdalena Musiala
    Roberto Cerrato (organizer)
    Lars Lindmark
    Alexandra Slobodova

    International student website
    Gathers information about everyday life for exchange students.

    Team members:
    Sergio Silva
    Erika Fujiwara
    Yunqi Ye
    Franziska Schuetze
    Erik Zirgulis
    Marina Georgieva
    Ivan Ralchev

    Stella \./ Star
    Jewelry that is designed by design students and then voted on by potential buyers. So it’s a way of creating market driven design.

    Team members:
    Oskar H.Bjarnasen
    Xiang Zhu
    Patrik Gullstrand (organizer)

    A mobile Brainball game
    Brainball is a game that measures brain activity. The person who is more relaxed wins. Tool for mindfulness.

    Team members:
    Anders Hedberg
    Jens Nockert
    Ingemar Berg
    Fredrik Alstorp
    Per Otto Hanner

    Locate me
    Find out where your friends are when you are at big events.

    Team members:
    Fredrik Alstorp
    Sasha Vincic
    Jonas Abrahamsson

    Pro Share
    A way of sharing images (and possibly other files), but protecting them from being accessible by anyone.

    Team members:
    Ahsan Saleen
    Rick Gorissen
    James Eves

    Search engine for news. Did not present on Sunday.

    Team members:
    Philippe Bouglazou
    Ragnar Saevarsson

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